On-Demand Webinar:
How Top Retailers Are Driving Personalized Experiences with Customer Journey Analytics


In today’s ultra-competitive marketplace, retailers are seeking to drive profitable growth by delivering the personalized experiences that consumers crave. Leading retailers are achieving this growth by uncovering their customers’ complex multi-channel journeys and engaging with each customer in real time with relevant offers.

In this webinar, Pointillist CEO, Ron Rubbico, and VP Applied Analytics, Will Thiel, discuss how retailers are using customer journey analytics to uncover and optimize the cross-channel journeys that matter to your customers, so you can dramatically increase repeat purchases, boost average order size, reduce online cart abandonment and improve marketing ROI.

You'll learn how customer journey analytics can help you:
  • Quickly understand customer behavior across touchpoints
  • Uncover and predict high-impact customer journeys
  • Drive personalized experiences

Webinar Speakers:

Ron Rubbico
CEO & Co-Founder

Will Theil
VP Applied Analytics
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