On-Demand Webinar
Why CX Leaders Take a Journey-Based Approach
to Deliver the Next Best Experience


Customer expectations have changed and it’s no secret that delivering superior customer experiences is the key to business success today. Yet many organizations still fail to deliver the right experience, even with the most sophisticated customer analytics in place. Customer-obsessed organizations know that delivering the best next experience to the right customers at the right time does not happen in a vacuum, but within the context of a customer journey.

Watch this information-packed on-demand webinar with guest speaker and Forrester Principal Analyst, Brandon Purcell, to learn:

  • Why even the most sophisticated customer analytics programs fall short without a journey-based approach
  • How to contextualize your customers’ behavior to deliver optimal, personalized experiences across channels and in-real-time
  • Why it’s essential to align your CX metrics with long-term business KPIs like customer lifetime value, churn and revenue 
  • How to leverage the output of existing customer analytics techniques, such as lookalike models, churn models, behavioral segmentation, response propensity, and lifetime value models

Webinar Speakers:

Brandon Purcell 
Principal Analyst

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