7 Critical Customer Journeys Every Enterprise
Should Measure and Optimize
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The 7 Essential Types of Customer Journeys and 21 Real-Life Examples


Today most leading enterprises understand that customer experience is the new battleground that makes-or-breaks business success, and a customer journey management approach is the secret to prevailing. But with so many different goals customers want to achieve, journeys you need to track and business objectives to accomplish, where do you even begin?  

In this insightful 40+ page guide, you’ll discover the 7 essential types of high-level customer journeys every organization should regularly monitor, analyze and focus on improving, and 21 real-life examples across a variety of industries. For each journey, you’ll learn about:

  • What the journey is and why it’s important to measure & optimize
  • Goals & objectives for both the customer and business
  • Key milestones along the path of a successful journey
  • Crucial in-journey signals to monitor progress
  • End-of-journey success metrics to score performance
  • And more!

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