Customer Journey Orchestration 101 [Free eBook]

Why & How to Advance from Traditional Personalization to Journey Orchestration


Customer expectations for personalization have evolved immensely. Unfortunately, many enterprises fail to deliver. And as of a result of data and organizational silos, and the requirement to maintain complex rule-based workflows across multiple systems, traditional personalization tools and approaches are inefficient and ultimately, ineffective.

In this informative guide, you’ll discover what journey orchestration is and why leading enterprises are adopting this new approach to engage customers with better, more personalized cross-channel experiences to improve CX and business outcomes. You'll learn about:

  • What customer journey orchestration is, and why it succeeds where traditional personalization methods fail
  • How it differs from other approaches such as marketing campaign automation, real-time interaction management (RTIM) & process mining
  • 5 key steps to graduate from traditional personalization and build a robust journey orchestration program for your organization

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