Definitive Guide to Customer Journey Analytics
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Clear & Complete Guide to Journey Analytics for CX, Analytics & Marketing Pros


Today’s customer journeys are increasingly complex. Meanwhile, customers expect your organization to provide personalized, seamless experiences. As customer data continues to flood the enterprise, many leading teams are leveraging customer journey analytics to effectively manage, measure and optimize customer journeys, and dramatically improve customer experience.

In this comprehensive 50+ page guide, you’ll discover everything you need to know about customer journey analytics and how to use it to impact important KPIs such as customer satisfaction, cost-to-serve, customer retention and revenue growth. You'll learn about:

  • What customer journey analytics is, its core capabilities, who uses it and why
  • How journey analytics differs from other solutions such as traditional analytics tools, journey mapping and other modern customer data analytics technologies
  • Primary business needs & challenges teams use journey analytics to overcome, including real-life use cases and success stories
  • Actionable expert tips on how to successfully evaluate and choose the right journey analytics solution for your organization, and ensure a successful implementation to maximize ROI

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