Customer Lifetime Value 101 for CX Leaders [Free eBook]

The CX Leader's Essential Guide to Measuring & Growing Customer Lifetime Value


Most CX leaders today track a myriad of important voice of customer metrics such as NPS, CSAT and CES. However, far fewer prioritize customer lifetime value (CLV), despite the fact that it’s often the one KPI that is most indicative of the overall effectiveness of your customer experience strategy.

Download this informative guide now to discover everything you need to know about why and how to quantify and maximize customer lifetime value, and use it to elevate your CX organization to the next level.  You'll learn about:

  • What customer lifetime value is & why it's such a critical CX metric
  • How top CX leaders use lifetime value to quantify the impact and ROI of CX initiatives and investments
  • Detailed examples & step-by-step instructions for how to calculate CLV
  • Why and how to take a journey-based analytics approach to understand the key drivers behind CLV and how to improve it 

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