Customer Journey Measurement 101
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CX Leader’s Guide to Winning with Journey-based Customer Experience Measurement


Today most enterprises see customer experience as a top priority and have invested heavily in CX measurement tools and programs. And yet, the majority are unsatisfied with their ability to effectively measure CX and still need a better way to track and quantify cross-channel experiences in order to prioritize the right opportunities for improvement and deliver the experiences customers demand. That’s why leading organizations are adopting customer journey measurement.  

In this informative guide, you’ll discover why traditional CX measurement programs fall short, what customer journey measurement is, how it enables you to improve CX and business outcomes, and how to get started. You’ll learn about:

  • The top 3 barriers to measuring CX and why traditional methods fail
  • How customer journeys elevate your CX measurement framework
  • What journey measurement is and how top orgs succeed with this approach
  • 4 essential steps to get started with customer journey measurement
  • And more!

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