Customer Journey Management 101 [Free eBook]

Essential Guide to Managing, Measuring & Improving Customer Journeys and CX


Most organizations have adopted customer feedback management (CFM) and Voice of the Customer (VoC) solutions, but despite this investment, 86% of companies have failed to improve their CX scores. Why? Because CFM and VoC only capture part of the story and do not provide enterprises with the capabilities they need to identify meaningful customer insights and act upon them to make a quantifiable impact.

In this informative guide, you’ll discover what customer journey management is, why enterprises are adopting this new approach and the value it brings to both your customers and your business.   You'll learn about:

  • What customer journey management is, and key factors and trends driving the need for this new approach
  • How journey management succeeds where traditional CX management & measurement methods fail
  • 3 primary capabilities of the customer journey management framework: journey mapping, journey analytics & journey orchestration
  • Actionable expert tips for how to align your organization around journeys and build a successful journey management program 

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